Time Flies (and so do Chickens!)

Our chicks are two weeks old today and growing so fast! They are feathering out beautifully, and changing noticeably each day. Our Barred Rock is starting to get the white markings on her feathers and our ISA Brown now has some brown feathers coming in (she was only growing white feathers until now).

Here they are, our girls at two weeks old. I love this photo – they totally look posed, but they did it on their own! From left to right we have Midnight (aka Sally), our Black Sex-linked; Star, our Barred Rock; Little Red, a Rhode Island Red; Henny Penny, our ISA Brown; and Rusty, another Rhode Island Red.


The kids and I have taken the girls out into the yard to explore and let loose a few times. Today was a perfect day for scratching for bugs! The sun was out and the day was warm, but not stifling hot like last week. The chicks seemed elated to be outside in the grass, and spent the entire two hours scratching and pecking at the ground. An attempt was made at eating a worm, but the chicks are still too small and the worm proved to be too challenging. After a short struggle, the chicks gave up.


Little Red may just be my favourite of the chicks. She is feisty but friendly, full of personality. She had “pasted vent” when she was three or four days old, and although my doctoring clearly hurt her (as gentle as I was), she held her head high and made barely a squawk. She likes to follow me around and eat from my hand. This little lady really struts her stuff. I can’t wait to see what she’s like when she grows up!!


While Little Red is my favourite, Midnight and Star are the most beautiful. I love their inky black feathers & down, and the hint of red in Midnight’s wings when the sunlight hits her just so. I love Star’s white markings and the lovely white star (hence her name) on the top of her head. They are gorgeous little chicks, not quite as awkward and geeky looking as the other three.


We had one more little critter join us in the garden today. Meet Cottontail, our newest little lionhead bunny, six weeks old. We picked him up this morning from the breeder, the one we went to for Sage and Rosemary. We’ve been waiting for him for a while now! He is being housed with Sage – the whole purpose behind purchasing him was to provide a companion for Sage, so poor Sage wouldn’ t be lonely without Rosemary. So far, the two are getting along smashingly. Cottontail is a cuddly little sweetheart, and of course Lynden is already in love with him. He’s a gorgeous little bunny with beautiful colouring that is not done justice by the photos I took today.


Robin loves being outdoors. He sits so quietly and contentedly, watching the sunlight dance through the leaves, listening to the birds, smiling and then frowning and then smiling again. Today he is seven weeks old. The time is flying by!


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