Yesterday I went back to the yarn shoppe to practice my spinning.  What a difference!  This time I got two bobbins full of something that resembles yarn (instead of an uneven mess of wool).  It was mostly even, and I only broke the yarn once.  My joins are getting better and better, and in some places you couldn’t even tell I had joined.  I walked out of that shoppe feeling pretty damned good.

On Wednesday I have my next spinning lesson – plying.  We’ll take those two bobbins full of something resembling yarn, and we’ll spin them together to create a two-ply.  If all goes well, my friends, I may have a skein of usable yarn by the time I’m finished these lessons!

My exciting news for the week: I bought myself a spinning wheel!  I haven’t paid for the entire thing yet, so it sits at the yarn shoppe waiting for me to take it home.  But I did put down a deposit, and very soon that beautiful little wheel will be mine!


2 thoughts on “Improvements!

  1. It gets easier, the more you practice but don’t ever allow your hands to forget how to make that lumpy, bumpy, uneven yarn. That’s the stuff that sells for big bucks especially when plied with feathers, other bits and pieces, etc. It always surprises me when people want to buy it right off the bobbin.

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