A Wedding

Yesterday, dear friends of ours got married.  Their wedding was beautiful, out in the park, and the first wedding in a long time that brought tears to my eyes.  They radiated happiness and joy, looking at each other with huge smiles on their faces, their eyes filled with light and love.  It was such a privilege to be invited to witness their marriage.

The reception was just as lovely as the wedding itself.  Every time I glanced over at the bride and groom, they were completely lit up with happiness.  Their mothers were emanating joy, and I found myself dabbing at my eyes more than a few times.  I hope my dear friends build a marriage full of love, cooperation, compassion for each other, sharing, understanding.  I’m sure they will; they have so much respect for each other and suit each other well.

This life is a beautiful one.  These moments fill me up in just such a way, making my heart ache with the wonder of it all.  How blessed we are to be on this journey!


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