Cedar Creek

For Father’s Day yesterday, we borrowed my parents’ canoe and went out to the creek that runs right by our new house.  Cedar Creek is absolutely BEAUTIFUL!  I could hardly believe how wonderful it was, and just a minute or two away from our soon-to-be home.  In some places the creek was very wide and fast flowing, in others it was narrow and still, with weeping willows along the banks hanging over the water, leaves tickling our faces as we canoed underneath.  We watched muskrats diving and playing in the water, fish jumping every now and then, egrets and Great Blue Herons wading near shore.

Paddling along, one would never know we were still in Essex County.  For most of our adventure, we couldn’t hear any cars or people, or see any houses.  We were totally and completely alone, our little family, out on the water listening to the breeze whisper in the trees.  It was wondrous and wonderful.  We sang paddling songs sometimes, and sat still and quiet other times.  At one point, Jae decided to take a swim, which lasted all of two minutes once he discovered that the creek bed was quicksand-like muck, and became so grossed out that he scrambled out of the water.

After our canoe trip ended, we returned the canoe to my folks’ house and stayed for a yummy tortilla dinner.  My sister and I picked cherries from the cherry tree in front.  I must have eaten 50 of them, they were so delicious – incredibly sweet with a hint of tartness, and a beautiful vibrant red.

All in all, a beautiful weekend with wonderful memories to carry with me, and a wonderful husband and father to celebrate Father’s Day with.


3 thoughts on “Cedar Creek

    • I am indeed excited. I made a little song while we were canoeing along – “We’re gonna live here, oh glory glory, we’re gonna live here!”

      I was very bummed to discover that I had forgotten the camera. There were so many beautiful photo opportunities that I missed 😦

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