A Few More Lessons

In addition to last night’s lesson regarding the stink of duck poop, I have been further enlightened.

Ducks are very, very busy. They are also very, very messy. And they splash their water EVERYWHERE. Holy smokes.

I’d be tempted to say that I prefer keeping chickens, but damn, the ducklings are so cute!


7 thoughts on “A Few More Lessons

  1. My dad kept a whole gaggle of birds when I was young – ducks, geese, guinea hens, peacocks – and I just loved the ducks, they were my little pets! They now just have chickens (not pretty ones like yours, either) and I’m not very interested in them. I don’t remember if they were messy but we lived on a farm and they had large outdoor pens. You’ll love them more when they grow up and have land to roam on 🙂

    • The kids LOVE the ducks. Lynden is way more in love with the ducks than he is with the chicks. They’re growing on me, also 🙂 I really enjoy watching them swim around and dip their heads in the water. It’s very relaxing to just sit and observe them.

  2. Looking for pictures girl – or does it need to wait till you have all that space? Can’t wait…..can’t wait…..can’t wait……..I think in fact I might even be more excited than you! 🙂

    • I’ve taken lots of pictures, but my camera doesn’t work on this computer so I’ve been unable to upload them. I need to get a USB card reader, or a new computer.

  3. Hi Lindsay, I’m “safya” from livejournal, but my real name is Laura… thanks for posting about this blog, I always love to keep up with other homesteaders and the like. My family (me, husband James, baby Violet, and River, who will be three next week) just moved to our new place in February. Ours is an acre within city limits, but it has a deceptively isolated feeling, and plenty of space to do things like garden. We’re actually considering getting chickens or guinea fowl at the moment, partly because we have a deer tick problem, but it seems like a big commitment. Anyway, I’ve got a blog at blog.lauragyre.com if you want to check it out (feel like I’ve been writing a lot about kid stuff and unschooling recently, but it varies) and I look forward to reading more about your adventures.

    • Hi Laura! So glad you came by, and so glad you left me a link to your blog! You rarely post on lj – I’m enjoying this blog of yours 🙂

      Chickens are really not nearly as much work as I thought they’d be. We love them dearly! They’ve been such a great addition to our lives and a fantastic experience for the kids as well. At this point I recommend going for it to anyone who is considering chickens!!

      • my biggest concern about the chickens is ever being able to go away. when you go on vacation do you have to find a chicken sitter?

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