On that Farm there Was A Dog

Meet Zeus.

Zeus is an 8-mo-old Border Collie/Australian Blue Heeler cross.   The kids and I drove up to St. Thomas last week to pick him up.  I had been keeping my eyes open for a Border Collie to eventually train in sheep herding, and also to serve as a family pet for the kids, and found an ad for Zeus.

Zeus had spent his first 8 months in a kennel with no training, and was so excited and spazzed out when we went to see him that we almost didn’t take him.  But there was something in those eyes of his – he just looked so intelligent and loving – and I felt a tug in my gut to give it a try.  So we loaded him into the car and brought him home.

I wasn’t quite prepared to have an excitable, energetic pup around.  I had been originally thinking of getting a dog over a year old who had already had some training.  I set to work right away training Zeus to walk on a leash, and he’s learned “heel” VERY quickly.  He’s just so damned smart and eager to please.  He’s also quickly learned to sit and come, but I’m having no success with “down” or “leave it”.  I want to get this dog trained and calmed down a bit ASAP so we can get started with the sheep herding training, so I’ve enrolled him in obedience classes.

I think I may be somewhat crazy.  The last thing we really need right now is another dog.  But like I said, there was something in Zeus’ eyes that tugged at me, and I’ve quickly become very attached to him.  We really are done with new animals around here for a good while!!


2 thoughts on “On that Farm there Was A Dog

  1. Wow Lindsay, a new dog to train and take care of on top of everyone else you care for at home! I love that you gladly add new additions to the family knowing that it means extra work too. The kids are so lucky to be able to experience having all those lovely animals around as they grow up 🙂

  2. Oh, best wishes! His smartness is going to make training so much better & quicker. If you have anything that could be used a pack on him, that might be another way to help with his energy, too, giving him “work” even when he’s not on the leash or training.

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