Good Morning, Dear Earth

I was away with the kids for two weeks, camping and having a grand old time.  We’re back now, and so thankful to call this little farm “home”.  It feels fantastic to return to this place.

Our routine has slowly been shifting as we settle into life out here in the country.  Now that we’ve added Zeus to our family, our mornings look a little different.  Zeus is FULL of energy that needs to be expended for him to feel alright throughout the day.  So, each morning we get up bright and early and go for a walk on the trail before we do anything else.

Wild-haired, pajama-clad and sleepy-eyed, we trek out with Raina in the stroller, Robin in the Ergo, and Lynden walking along beside me.  The dogs race ahead of us, then turn to see if we are following.  Then they race back to us, race ahead, race back.  They wrestle with each other, tumble around, and run through the fields as fast as they possibly can.  The children get such a kick out of watching the dogs and their antics.  They shriek with laughter when the dogs tumble over each other in a blur of black and white fur.

The morning walk has quickly become a very special time for us.  We sing songs together, talk about what we want for the day, discover new things along the trail, and often just enjoy each other’s company in quiet togetherness.  Each of us feels a connection to the Earth, watching the dew drops fall from the leaves as the sun makes her way up into the sky.  Our days flow so easily and happily when we start off with a walk, I don’t know how we went so long without doing this!

This morning, I woke up long before the children.  Zeus was already pacing around to go outside, so I let Daddy and the kids continue sleeping and got my bike out of the barn.  The sky was still dusty grey and the sun was just starting to come up.  The air was chilly and the ground damp with dew.  I set out on the path with the dogs racing after me in silence.  There was no wrestling and tumbling this morning; to keep up with me, the boys had to RUN.  And run they did!

We rode & ran together for four kilometers, as the sun came up behind us and set the sky ablaze.  Birds sang all around, dew sparkled like tiny diamonds in the early morning sun, and from each farm we passed came the crowing of roosters.  The world awoke all around and I thought I might explode with the beauty of it all.  It was incredible and fantastic, so full of wonderful that it is difficult to put into words without losing the meaning.

By the time I got home, my legs were wet with dew and I was out of breath.  The chickens & ducks were anxiously awaiting my return; they were more than ready to be let out of the coop for their morning meal.  I settled into my morning routine.

Life is good.


4 thoughts on “Good Morning, Dear Earth

  1. Your morning routine is inspiring and your bike ride sounds fantastic! Our dog loves to run with the bikes, but unfortunately we don’t have a trail out our back door. He has to be leashed as we trek along the road. He loves to run with my son’s bike off-leash on our bit of land, though.

  2. That sounds like such a grounding routine and a great way to start off the day. Getting some exercise first thing, especially in the fresh air and with trees to greet you, is such an invigorating way to start the day. There is something SO magickal about the wee morning hours, the quietness, the colours, the air … and the time to yourself … such a special, special time. I hope it renews you and fills you with energy and love!

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