Ain’t No Time for Coughin’

Guess what?  When you’re the only stay-at-home adult on the farm, there’s no such thing as sick days.  I learned that well enough this morning when I was side-swiped by a wicked head cold and sore throat that was akin to swallowing glass shards.  I had been awake since 2:00am due to the intense pressure in my head, and when the sun began to rise and the dogs started whining to go out and the chickens were clucking away in the coop, I thought I might just cry a little from the overwhelm.

I must say, I am a very fortunate woman.  My loving mama came on over bright and early to walk the dogs and take care of all the birds & rabbits.  She made sure everyone was fed and had fresh water before heading out to start her own work day.

Today I was lucky.  There will be days, I am sure, when my mom won’t be able to come to the rescue.  What happens on sick days when there’s nobody to bail me out?  I suppose those days require pushing on through, no matter how dead one may feel.  Ah, c’est la vie.


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