Summer’s End

The summer is quickly coming to a close.  Around here, summer’s end is marked by a very special little guy’s birthday.  Can you believe my first baby is FOUR already!?

Summer’s end also means that the Monarchs are migrating.  A few days ago, my parents were lucky enough to have the Monarchs use their trees as a rest stop.  Hundreds of butterflies rested on the branches and fluttered around the yard.  It was truly magical and very enchanting.  I stood out there under the trees in complete awe.

I cannot put into words the feeling of wonder that I felt as butterflies danced all around me out there in my parents’ yard.  After a time, back in the house, my mom noticed that all of the butterflies had left the trees and were flying en masse around the yard.  I guess they had suddenly decided it was time to move on – within moments, every last one of them was gone.

The orchard across the road is bursting with apples and peaches.  The neighbour, who we haven’t seen once all summer, has been out walking between the trees every day.  I’m not sure what he’s doing – he hasn’t been picking anything – but perhaps he is merely checking in on things and taking a look at what’s ready to go.

All these ripe apples and peaches can only mean one thing:  Canning Time!

My mama and I spent the past two days canning peaches.  Hour after hour in that hot kitchen, slicing and pouring syrup and setting the jars in their hot water bath.  It took a good long time, but the satisfaction that comes when all the beautiful sealed jars are lined up on the counter is second to none.  We sure will appreciate those yummy peaches this winter!  (Stay tuned for a canning post!)

Yes, summer’s end is upon us.  It’s been a fantastic summer, full of change and new beginnings.  I’m so very ready to settle into autumn.


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