Mother Earth’s Bounty

September, so far, has been GOOD to us. Truly. Last September I never would have dreamed that we’d be where we are now, at this point in time.

We have TONS of rosehips growing along the property, and big plans for making rosehip-apple jam, because we also found an apple tree behind the little yellow barn! I tell you, it was positively delightful to be out there on a golden September evening, just before sunset, picking rosehips and apples with my kids.

We’ve been enjoying apples with almond butter every day lately – the kids’ favourite snack – as it seems we just have tons of apples in the kitchen! In addition to our own little apple tree, we picked some apples from my parents’ apple tree as well. They are totally delicious, crisp, juicy and so wonderful to eat!

Our garden is overflowing with tomatillos right now and the kids are just loving them. There’s something about food fresh from the garden that seems to make them ravenous. They’ll eat much more straight from the Earth than they ever do sitting at the table with grocery store food in front of them. And little wonder!

We’ve got basil coming out of our ears! I’ve been making pesto several times a week, and we are eating so much of it that I’m amazed we haven’t turned green. Every time I go out to the garden, there’s more basil! Pesto morning, noon, and night. It’s a good thing we LOVE pesto around here!

Our chickens are doing so well. All of last spring’s chicks are almost ready to start laying, and we can’t wait for the abundance of fresh eggs! We so love our chickens. They provide endless entertainment to the children, who hold them, sing to them, follow them around the yard, climb around in the coop, and just generally enjoy being with the birds. The other day, the wind blew to coop door closed just before the chickens decided to head off to bed. They were a little disconcerted by the closed door, and several of them took to the willow trees:

When I realised that the girls weren’t able to get into the coop, I immediately went out to open the door, round them all up, and get them set for bed. The ones who had perched in the trees resolutely refused to come down, and being that they were higher than my head by a long shot, they spent the night right where they were perched. The kids thought this was absolutely the funniest thing in the world, and spent a good while under the willows dancing around and calling up to the birds.

Yes, we are loving September and the bounty of the Earth. Good food, good weather, good times. These golden days are cherished. Warm enough for dresses, cool enough for cozy sweaters. There’s been so much to discover and so much to do. Who could ask for more?


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