Of Mice and Milking Goats

The weather is getting cooler, and that can only mean one thing: the mice are coming in from the fields and finding winter lodgings in our home.

Over the past couple of nights, I have been lulled to sleep by the scurrying of little feet in the attic above my head. It sounds as though there’s only one or two, for which I am grateful.

This morning as I sat on the couch snuggling my darling girl, a little mouse darted out from under our piano and ran across the dining room floor. Halfway to the kitchen, she spotted us and froze in her tracks. Then she turned around and darted back under the piano as fast as she could. She made an appearance three more times before she finally got up the courage to run all the way to the kitchen. Twenty minutes later, she returned to her hideaway beneath the piano.

My daughter, of course, is delighted. She squealed with excitement when that little mouse ran across the dining room floor. Me, well, I’m not so delighted. I feel neutral enough toward the mice that I’m not going to harm them, but at the same time I’d be happier if they weren’t in my house. So long as they don’t leave a trace of themselves in the kitchen, I suppose they’ll have a winter home here in the farm house.

Two other critters will soon call this farm home – a pair of milking goats! Bella and Alice (we didn’t name them!) are a mama/daughter pair of Toggenburgs that we purchased yesterday. Alice was born in May and is such a sweet little thing, and Bella is a beautiful mama and apparently a great milker. They’ll be coming to the farm on Tuesday, to live in our little yellow barn. The kids are totally excited! These goats were raised by pre-teen children and are so calm and tame and gentle – perfect pets for my own children. I’m already having visions of goat yogurt, goat cheese, goat butter… mmmmmmmm…..


5 thoughts on “Of Mice and Milking Goats

  1. How exciting! (The goats, not the mice, lol). It will be so wonderful for you to have fresh milk every day. I look forward to seeing pictures of your new animal friends (although I guess it must take an awful long time to upload pictures with dial-up, no?).

    • It does indeed take a long time! When I (rarely) upload photos, I just leave the computer for a while and go about my chores. The photos are usually finished uploading by the time I’m done. I can’t wait to have goatie pictures to put up!

    • Hi Tonya, thanks for stopping by! I’m sure I’ll have plenty to post about our goats after their arrival on Tuesday 🙂 I hopped on over to your blog and it looks fantastic – lots of awesome ideas for me to incorporate into our home!

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