Welcome to the Goat Hotel

Our little yellow barn has served as nothing more than a glorified shed for the last many years, and has housed a bunch of junk since we have lived here.  With the delivery date for the goats coming closer and closer (only two more days!), we spent the day removing all the junk from the barn, building a goat stall, and adding a wall to the front of the building.  We worked for a good nine hours!

Here is our barn as it looked this morning – open front, full of junk.

I cleared all the junk out (now its piled on the grass just outside the barn, argh!) and Jae dug a trench in which to put a 4×4 support beam for the stall wall.  Ninety percent of the wood we used was recycled from the fence my parents took down on their property earlier this year, and from the old upright piano my brother tore apart a few years ago.  All we needed to buy was four 2×4 beams for the frame.

The gate was made from 100% recycled materials.

The kids helped us spread straw around the new stall.  Look how cozy it is:

And then the front of the barn needed a wall, so I got started on that.  My sister stopped by for a little while and helped me out some – she’s a great workmate!  It was rather silly to be surrounded by junk as I worked, but I’m at a loss as to where to put the stuff that was in the barn.  Our other barn is mostly full right now, with bikes and various bags of animal feed and furniture.  What to do?

So now the barn has a front wall and a goat stall, and is more or less ready for the goats to move in.  I still need to put a front door on, but that’s work for another day.

The work we did today was so incredibly satisfying.  I love having the ideas in my head materialise into something tangible and good, by my own two hands.  Jae and I had a lot of fun working together in the barn, and the kids and chickens seemed to enjoy it too.  The chickens have been checking out the new digs all evening, pecking around in the fresh straw on the barn floor. All in all, it’s been a wonderful day.

Behold the farmer kids:


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