Last night’s dinner was cause for small celebration for me. For the first time ever, our meal was entirely local. Over the years, we have had many meals that have been partially local or have contained home-grown ingredients, but last night we took it all the way.


Basil & rosemary picked fresh from our garden, a pepper from a neighbour and another from a friend, chives from our garden, an onion from the farm stand down the road, portabella mushrooms from the farmers’ market and garlic from a neighbour – ingredients for a delectable feast!

It was with great excitement that we cracked into our first full dozen of farm-fresh eggs, straight from our very own chickens!  I’ve come to know which eggs come from which chickens – the light brown eggs with little dark speckles are compliments of Clucky Lucky; the medium brown eggs are from Chicken Little and Big Ole Meanie; the small, dark brownish pink eggs are from Lady Rose.   I find such joy in collecting the eggs from the coop each day, giving the girls table scrap treats and friendly pats.  Each one has her own very distinct personality and the kids & I love them all.

So, with our selection of fresh, local/homegrown produce and our carton of farm-fresh eggs, I set about making dinner.  The result: a quiche/frittatta-style bunch of yum!  The only thing that wasn’t locally produced was the olive oil I fried up the veggies in.

Dinner was delicious.  There was enough to fill two pie pans, and between us we managed to eat it all.  The kids loved it and asked for seconds.  I stuffed myself to the bursting point.  We savoured every bite.

My enthusiasm for the garden is now overflowing, and I’m already impatiently planning next year’s crop.  It feels SO GOOD to be using even a little bit of homegrown food in my cooking and I am pumped now more than ever to make all of my meals from homegrown goodness.  Someday in the not-so-distant future, self-sufficiency will happen!


2 thoughts on “Locavore

  1. That’s really great! Isn’t it amazing that not too long ago, pretty much everyone ate that way? How delicious food must have been back then, when it had almost NEVER traveled a long distance to reach the table. Of course, we all have the choice to eat that way again if we want, which you are proving quite well. Good work! 🙂

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