Stitches in Time

The weather is cool and breezy and the garden is just about done for the year, and we are spending more time indoors these days.  For me, time indoors means time for knitting and crocheting, and this is definitely the season for it!

I swore up and down that I’d get started on the kids’ Halloween costumes in August so that I’d have plenty of time to finish them without feeling the need to rush.  August passed by in a blur of crazy busyness, and so I pledged to get started on the Halloween costumes in September instead.  Now, in the blink of an eye, September has come and gone without a single stitch being made on my part.  October is here and we are getting down to the wire now – in a flurry of yarn and hooks and needles, I am officially at work on the Halloween costumes.

This seems to be the way it goes for me – I get things done *just* in time, and as soon as I finish one project there is another waiting in the wings.  As soon as Halloween is over, it will be time to begin working on the Christmas gifts, and I can already see myself pulling late nights to get everything finished by Christmas Eve.

There aren’t enough hours in the day – the children require feeding and bathing and reading to and snuggling; the chickens and rabbits and goats require food and water and time outdoors; the dishes require cleaning; the floors require sweeping; the laundry requires washing and hanging; the food requires preparing.  By the time I get through the list of things that must be done, it’s time to go to bed and catch some sleep before starting all over again the next morning.  Where does the knitting and crocheting fit in?

Somehow I find moments in between chores and challenges, moments when the kids are in bed and I’ve managed to finish putting laundry away before I’m ready to sleep myself.  And in those moments, my fingers fly and I go as fast as I can to add stitches and rows in the hopes of completing a project.

There aren’t enough hours, it’s true, but the satisfaction that comes from seeing my kids making use of my creations is so much greater than anything that comes from a store.


One thought on “Stitches in Time

  1. I know this is an old post, but I have just come across your blog, and I LOVE what you wrote here!

    I live on my father’s farm with my husband and 2 girls, and most of the farm work gets done by the two guys who work on the farm. But my dad pays them and he will be retiring soon, so at some point I will have to decide on how I look after the goats, sheep and chickens. Do I pay someone, or get out there and do it myself. I do get involved, but as you know animals are every hour of every day!

    I like to believe I will be able to look after the smaller animals myself. I believe it means getting realistic about numbers, (not too many) and managing the land and their food.

    Nice to see people who are doing what they believe in, it is not easy. (just being a stay at home mom is hard these days, even here in Chile).

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