Gratitude and Beauty

Have I ever told you about my brother?  He’s a wonderful soul who has been apprenticing on a Biodynamic farm in Ontario for his second season now.  My brother and I are very close and share a strong connection, but we don’t get to see each other often enough.

We had a fantastic, fabulous Thanksgiving weekend around here.  My brother was able to come down from the farm, and my sister & her partner came down from Toronto.  The whole family was together, and I felt so blessed to be with everyone.  There is so much for me to be thanful for that I often feel like I’m overflowing with gratitude.  This life sure is a beautiful one.

Among my blessings this past weekend was the opportunity to spend a little bit of time at the Biodynamic farm, when it was time to drive my brother back again.  The drive is about six hours long when you include a rest stop along the way.  The kids were mostly fantastic during the entire drive, a blessing in and of itself! 

We arrived at the farm after dark and marveled at the amazing ink-black sky that was filled with billions of twinkling stars.  I love to look at the night sky at home, but it is nothing compared to the beauty of a more northern wilderness sky.  The stars took my breath away and I just couldn’t stop staring. 

In the morning, we awoke to pure beauty:

There had been a frost overnight, and the morning air was sharp.  Mist hung in the air as the sun rose over the hills and the trees. 

The kids were eager to explore the farm.  We were just in time to see the work horses being hitched up to haul a wagon load of something-or-other out to the fields.

Lynden has been talking incessantly about getting horses to pull a wagon so we don’t need to drive a car anymore.  When we move to our forever farm, this is at the top of my list of things to accomplish!

Another item on my list is something that can be done at our current little farm – dig a sand pit!  Every time we have had the pleasure of visiting my brother on the farm, my kids have spent ages digging in the sand pit there, totally blissed out.  They put up such a fuss about missing the sand pit when it was time for us to leave that I promised them a sandpit in the spring, complete with dump trucks and shovels. 

We were also very lucky to have an opportunity to explore the woods around the area.  We’ve done a bit of hiking around there in the past, but always in the summer.  This time, the Autumn colours were out on the trees in all their splendor, and our hike through the woods was nothing less than breathtaking.  The kids were absolutely joyful, playing in the leaves, collecting pretty pebbles and creeping as quietly as could be to the edge of a lake to watch several flocks of migrating geese on the water. 

All in all, a wonderful and heart-lifting trip.  I am so very thankful that we were able to spend extra time with my brother while surrounded by such incredible beauty.  My heart is still soaring.


ps. I should also mention one other thing on my list of things to be thanful for:

Goat’s milk, compliments of Bella and the gifted hands of my brother!


2 thoughts on “Gratitude and Beauty

  1. Beautiful pictures!

    My parents built a sand pit at their house for I’s 3rd bday last year, with all sorts of interesting reclaimed materials. It was a PERFECT gift and we always know where to find I when we’re busy in the gardens!

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