Full Moon

These Autumn days are full and busy.  Before I know it, days and weeks have passed me by.  Life ebbs and flows, kids grow, the days get shorter. 

So much has been happening around the farm.  The place is rapidly being transformed into something workable, something closer to what I envisioned before we moved in.  We’ve built a new chicken coop and a second stall in the barn, pounded in plenty of fence posts, and had some fabulous friends out for a garden work-party.  Over the course of one weekend, we doubled our number of raised vegetable beds and I was able to get the garlic cloves planted. 

It’s amazing, to see how much has been accomplished in such a short time (especially considering that I’m alone on the farm 95% of the time with three very small children), and equally amazing to see how much remains to be done.  With each project that is completed, there is another waiting in the wings.   The wonderful thing about it, though, is that the reward that lies in the work itself.  Never have I done such satisfying work as that which I’ve done on the farm.  It grounds me, rejuvenates me, and gives me a sense of connection to this land I’m living on.  I feel a great sense of purpose and gratitude that grows each day. 

This life is a good life.  I’m blessed to live it.


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