Wild Winds

Last night I woke up in the darkness, feeling that something was off but not immediately knowing what it was.  After a moment, I realised – the wind was roaring, rattling the siding on the house, howling through the tree branches, whistling in the chimney.  The entire house was shuddering slightly under the assault.  There had been a tornado warning earlier in the day, and I looked out the window afraid of what I might see.

What I saw was a clear, beautiful, extremely windy night.  The moon made the fields shine silver and the stars twinkled peacefully as though nothing was happening down below.  The tree tops were whipping to and fro.

I couldn’t resist – I had to go outside.  In bare feet and pyjamas, I stepped out onto the carpet of orange & red leaves and inhaled deeply.  The smell of Autumn was amazing.  The wind threw my hair around my face and the leaves swirled all around.  I stared at the moon for a while, gazed at the stars, and finally went back into bed.  The sound of the wind rattling the house lulled me back to sleep.


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