Chilly Autumn Days

There’s not a heck of a lot to do around the farm on these chilly autumn days, and I’ve been feeling pretty uninspired in the writing department. It’s too cold to bother digging new garden beds now, and the garlic was planted a few weeks ago. Our goat fence is nearly finished, and after being fed the animals more or less take care of themselves. I’ve given up on hanging laundry out to dry for the time being, and already look forward to warm spring days with laundry on the line. Daily farm chores have dwindled down to feeding, collecting eggs, and milking the goat, which is fine by me because I have to spend as little time outdoors as possible when the cold sets in.

I’ve been very busy knitting and crocheting: hats for the kids, mittens, sweaters, Christmas gifts, slippers, shawls. When I look at the calendar and count down the days to Christmas, I start feeling a little panicky at the lack of time I have for finishing everything. I should have learned my lesson last year – Christmas gifts need to be started in September!

With these dark, chilly evenings I’ve been inspired to cook a lot more. We ate mostly raw foods over the course of the summer, which was great for me because I spent hardly any time sweating in the kitchen. Now, though, I’m savouring my evenings spent over the stove and thoroughly enjoying hot, home-cooked meals. It is really amazing to see what a huge collection of delicious vegetarian meals we’ve collected over the years!

The kids and I have spent many days exploring in the empty fields and we’re really looking forward to the snow this winter, when we can hook the sled up to the dog and let loose. Oddler loves pulling the kids around in their sled, and I can only imagine how much fun it will be to speed full tilt across the snowy fields. Fun times are ahead!


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