Eggs by the Dozen

Wonder of wonders, our chickens are finally maturing and we are getting more eggs every day!  Friday morning my wee daughter climbed up to the second floor of the chicken coop to collect eggs in the back corner that were out of my reach – and found 15!  A new record!  Raina was so very proud to have collected a record number of eggs.

Needless to say, we’ve been eating lots of eggs at our house.  Scrambled, hard boiled, fried – my kids LOVE their farm fresh eggs any way we cook them.  Lynden will easily eat six eggs in one sitting if I don’t limit him.  The taste of these eggs is so amazing and good, so rich and delicious.  Store-bought eggs just can’t compare.  And the size!  Some of our chickens lay eggs that are bursting out of the “Jumbo” cartons!  Oh, how I love our feathered friends.  Chickens are the sweetest things. 

And some news from the front lines of Mouse Wars 2010 – Zerzan (aka “Zerzie”) has proven himself to be a phenomenal mouser and is regularly catching, killing & eating mice now.  Who would have thought that this little bundle of gray cuteness could be such a lethal force?  And such a sweet lethal force, too – he sleeps snuggled in the crook of the kids’ necks, purring away all night long. 


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