Snowed In!

On Sunday evening we went to my folks’ place for dinner just as a blizzard was moving in. It became apparent that we should not risk the roads that night, so we had a sleepover at Grammy’s & Grampy’s house. On Monday morning we awoke to a world covered in white.

The snow plough had gone over the main roads a few times, but conditions were still pretty nasty. My dad and I loaded the kids up into the car and I headed home. It was a long ride – my car is not very good in the snow (being a tiny Pontiac Wave) and the roads were absolutely horrible. We passed a couple of cars that had slid off the road and were being pulled out of the ditches by tow trucks.

As it turns out, our driveway was one big snow drift. I drove my car in, and promptly got stuck. My dad spent a good long time shoveling, but for the time being we were not going anywhere.

This morning we are waiting for my father to return with shovel in hand. The wind whipped across the fields all day yesterday and all night long, and the snow drifts on the driveway are deeper and fiercer yet. It impossible to tell where my dad shoveled yesterday and any tire tracks that were there have vanished. My car is not leaving this driveway any time soon. We are officially snowed in!


2 thoughts on “Snowed In!

  1. When the storm started I told Dean that it would be great if it snowed everyone in and we all got a couple of days stuck in the house with our loved ones. I think that was the only thing I liked about living in the county while working in the city – any big storms and city employers didn’t really expect to see their county employees that day – isn’t quite the same now the dh works a short jaunt down the road from work.
    When we lived in Ottawa there was no such thing as a snow day – funny. Maybe you’ll have to get both dogs hooked up to a sled to get yourself to the grocery story 🙂

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