Fresh Start

Wow, what an amazing and crazy and busy holiday season! We had a fabulous Christmastime – a beautiful Winter Solstice celebration with friends, a gathering of family for nearly a solid week’s worth of togetherness and cheer, and some special time as a wee family unit of our own. We were so busy that we didn’t get our tree until three days before Christmas, and then didn’t manage to get it put up in the living room until Christmas Eve! We’ve never been so late in putting up our tree before, but we got it decorated just in time for our Christmas Eve dinner with my parents and siblings.

As much as I would have like to have made most of my gifts this year, I just didn’t start soon enough. I did knit a shawl for my grandmother and crocheted a little something for my brother-in-law, but otherwise I didn’t finish the gifts I had intended to give the children and ended up buying them a few things instead. I suppose their mama-made gifts will be special surprises on some random snowy day, sometime soon.

I was incredibly blessed this Christmas. Jae surprised me with a Kromski Sonata spinning wheel and 8oz of roving! Oh, how I have dreamed of owning a spinning wheel, and for so long! My new wheel is absolutely gorgeous and better than anything I could have hoped for. I spent half a day spinning up the roving and crocheted myself a hat – my very first article made from scratch, start to finish.

After crocheting the hat, I still have nearly a full bobbin of my handspun yarn remaining. Perhaps enough to make a matching hat for Lynden…?

Spinning my own yarn was absolutely the most satisfying thing I have done in a very long time, topping milking the goat and collecting farm fresh eggs! Now I’ll have to purchase hand carders so I can get to work on the three big bags of wool a friend gave me – they’ve been sitting in the closet for far too long!

This Christmas also saw a slew of new books enter the house. Some of my favourites include The Backyard Homestead, a guide to producing all the food you need on a quarter of an acre; Self-sufficiency for the 21st Century, a lovely photo-heavy guide to everything you can think of; Possum Living, a book about how to live well with almost no money; One Tree, a lovely little children’s book printed on recycled paper that talks about the importance of one little tree; and Grandfather Twilight, a beautiful bedtime tale for the kidlets.

So after a wonderful Christmas season, here we are in 2011. A fresh start, a clean page. I am determined to be more organised this year, and got started by making a colour-coded chart to post on my fridge listing each day’s tasks and the time frame in which to complete them. Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is cleaning day, Friday is baking day. And every day has time allotted for stories and crafts and free play with the kids. I’m hoping that this new chart on the fridge will help me stay on track without feeling overwhelmed by the multitude of things needing to be done around the farm.

And of course, I’ve resolved to be more present in the little day-to-day things with my children. This year I will find more moments of joy, more moments to laugh in, more moments of silliness and carefree abandon. And I will find a multitude of new ways to show my family how much I love them.

Happy new year, dear friends and readers!


4 thoughts on “Fresh Start

  1. How awesome that you have your own spinning wheel! I’m very impressed that you spun the yarn and crocheted a hat all in one day–I wish I knew how to crochet! Chris has tried to teach me (he’s one of those men who isn’t afraid to pick up some needles) but he failed, I just couldn’t get it.

    I think you’ll like having a loose schedule up on the fridge. I have found that as life gets busier the more children I have (and the more I am homeschooling), it is essential to have a basic schedule down on paper for each day. Otherwise, chaos ensues and nothing gets done. Organization very important to a happy home, I believe. At least, that’s how it works for me. I’m too scatterbrained to be successful flying by the seat of my pants–I need lots of lists around me. 🙂

    Happy New Year to you too Lindsay! I hope things go well for you in 2011.

  2. So that was the gift! Worth it for sure because hair can get cut anytime but a spinning wheel – wow! I feel the same about the whole process of shearing an animal (sheep, llama, alpaca), spinning it, making yarn and then knitting yourself or your loved ones something. Can’t wait to join that adventure! I’ve set up a flexible schedule for myself, too, I need more focus and time to write (and make $) and be with friends, workout, do chores, have dates with L, and lots of time for free play because the children, especially I<3 need lots of time for imaginative, unhindered play. Happy New Year to you dear!

  3. Ohhh Linds those books sound amazing! And what a fabulous gift! How wonderful that Jae was so thoughtful!
    I love this schedule idea and am excited to see how it works for you – this is something we really need at our house as well! Hugs

  4. We have the Grandfather Twilight book – I love the pictures! When we get to the pages that have no words Chachi would often say – READ IT MOM, WHY AREN’T YOU READING hehehe. We don’t have many books with pages that have no words but I can see the value in it, for certain.

    Making schedules MUST be in the air. I wrote out a quick basic itinerary to follow on my notepad and mentioned it to Chachi – she is excited to have some additional structure to our days and she keeps bringing it to me at times during the day saying what do we get to do next?! It is very confirming that this is a needed tool for our family’s rhythm.

    Cool hat! Uber impressed and you’ll have to explain what some of those words mean with respect to the spinning and such…
    Here’s to a joyful new year ;D

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