Winter Projects

While waiting for this long and cold and snowy winter to come to an end, I have been keeping myself busy with a few projects.  If we must be cooped up in the house so much of the time, the least I can do is enjoy the process of creation!

I was fortunate to come into posession of hand carders, and have been carding away.  Our Angora bunnies, Henry and Madison, give up lots of beautiful, soft, lustrous fibre when they are brushed each day, and it makes for a wonderful blend with sheep’s wool.

I love how the wool gives the Angora fibre a bit more spring and strength, while the Angora makes the wool much softer.  It really is a lovely combination!

My mother-in-law was kind and generous enough to surprise me with a bag full of roving in various beautiful colours, and so I have been spinning away…

… and knitting socks for the kids!  I’ve always been a bit timid when it comes to socks, but now that I’ve knit a “test” pair with success, I’m hooked!  Once I’ve finished the multicoloured socks for the kids, onto toasty warm Angora socks for my mother-in-law!

I also decided to try my hand at a new venture and have been experimenting with dyeing the wool that I’ve been hand-carding.  So far, so good!  I’m anxious to spin this stuff up!

With all of this crafting going on, I have finally launched my Esty shop! (Insert excited squeak here)  I will be adding items as frequently as I’m able to create them and I’m hoping to have a wide variety of natural wonders up for your enjoyment.  Check it out for yourself, and share the link with anyone who might like to peruse – 

And the biggest project of all – caring for sick kidlets.  We were on a roll this winter, not catching anything until February came along.  Now we seem to be hit with one nasty bug after another!  First it was the barfing bug of doom, then a nasty cough/cold, and now a fever that has kept Lynden in bed for two days straight.  He finally came down to join us on the couch this afternoon, cocooned in a blanket made with love by his aunt.  Look at those sad, sick eyes 😦

Of course, for as much time as we spend in the house, there are a few things that draw me outdoors….

Edward, our billy goat, a sweet and beautiful boy who likes to pee on himself to impress the ladies.

There are animals needing to be fed; we are eagerly anticipating the arrival of goat kids in the spring! 

And every so often, we try to get outside just for the sake of enjoying the snow. 

Warmest wishes to you all!  Spring is almost here!


One thought on “Winter Projects

  1. Hey Linds – my fil wanted to know what kind of goats you have. He has a cross between a nubian and something that starts with a b – darn I can’t recall the name. I was telling him of your quest to conquer milking this spring when your nannys have their babes. I asked if he’d show me how to milk and he laughed at the though of me trying to milk one of his particularly skiddish mommas. He’s got 3 nannys nearly ready to pop – the human kids were enjoying watching and feeling the baby kids move inside the momma goat – quite the scene and that poor momma looks like she can barely stand under the weight and width of her belly and udder!

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