Fever Strikes!

Remember when I mentioned in my last post that Lynden had a fever?  He’s now on day five, and Raina & I have come down with it as well.  We are a sorry bunch, curled up in bed together seemingly dead to the world, taking our turns shivering uncontrollably and sweating buckets.  Raina wakes up long enough to plead, “Water…” in a pitiful little voice, take a few sips, and drift back to sleep.  Lynden coughs and hacks.  And I… well, I lay in bed and feel absolutely miserable, grateful only for the company of my little loves.

Robin seems to be untouched by all of this.  Jae took a couple of days off work to lend a helping hand, and he and Robin have been joined at the hip.  They went for a hike this morning and collected more phragmites for the thatched roof on the chicken coop.  They went grocery shopping and brought back refreshing, cold, fizzy tea.  They lounged around the house together while we other three moaned and groaned in bed, fetching water and apple cider for us upon request.

Please, fever, break soon and go on your merry way to some other household!


2 thoughts on “Fever Strikes!

  1. A quick recovery to you all and a more helthier and fun time for the remaining days of this long winter.
    Hang in there Mom, this too shall pass.

    I am impressed with your “wool’ activities.

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