Monday Creature Feature: Oddler

I’ve decided to start each week by featuring one of the critters who lives here at the farm – just a fun little way to start the week fresh!

Meet Oddler.  Oddler is a bloodhound/coonhound cross who was born in December 2000 – he’s ten years old!  I’ve had Oddler in my life for quite a while now and we’ve done a lot of things.  When I bought an old boat of a car and travelled across the country by myself, Oddler was with me.  When we go canoe tripping, Oddler comes along.  Hiking, exploring, travelling here, there, and everywhere, Oddler has been.

Oddler is an old soul.  He’s got these incredible deep eyes that look at you as though they know more than you’re letting on.  Nowadays those eyes don’t see so well, and though they’ve grown milky they still have that deep, pensive quality.

There’s not a dog anywhere quite like this dog.  He’s sweet and gentle and intuitive.  When we raised our first brood of chicks in the house, there was no need to worry about the dog hurting them.  Oddler was their protector, following them around the house to keep them out of harm’s way.  Now that those chicks are grown laying hens, Oddler chases coyotes off and keeps them all safe.

Oddler’s also been great with our children, laying quietly as they tug on his ears and his tail, climb on his back, tug on his leash.  He loves the kids so.  You see that yarn around his neck?  That’s the “collar” that Lynden made special just for Oddler.

Yessir, Oddler is one special dog and we sure do love him a lot!  He’s perfect – kind to animals and children alike, gentle, wise, calm, patient, sweet.  I only wish that a dog’s life wasn’t so short so we could have Oddler around with us for the rest of our days!


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