A Hen in the House

Last week we were fortunate enough to have a few days of really nice warm weather that melted all the snow. One day even got up to nearly 12 degrees Celsius! Our hens were really happy at being able to see the ground again, and eagerly went pecking around in the damp soil.

Then it got cold again, fast. Overnight the temperature dropped to -15 and we got hit with more snow. The hens seemed none the worse for wear, but one little lady in particular wasn’t doing so well. Miss Cluck was quiet, barely moving, not eating. Uh-oh. A few posts back I mentioned that we lost some hens to very cold temperatures, and I wasn’t prepared to lose another!

Into the house came Miss Cluck, to reside in the bathroom for a time. With a bowl of food and a bowl of water, some nice soft towels and lots of warmth blowing from the register, Miss Cluck recovered from the cold in the lap of luxury.

The children, of course, were delighted! A chicken in the house! They stroked Miss Cluck’s soft feathers, sang to her, told her stories, danced for her. Miss Cluck seemed to enjoy the kids’ antics and watched them with a sparkle in her eyes. It wasn’t long before she seemed to have made a complete recovery.

To be on the safe side, I kept Miss Cluck in overnight. In the morning she was back to her clucky, chipper self, so I thought it was high time she went back out with the rest of the hens. Gathering Miss Cluck under one arm, I went to the back door and gently tossed her out. She gave a few loud clucks and ran off to the barn to rejoin the rest of the flock and seems to be just fine out there.

I do wish it would warm up around here, for goodness sake! This extreme cold chills me to the bone.


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