Seeds of Life

You know spring is just around the corner when it is time to start seeds for the garden! Many folks mistakenly believe that the last frost date in our area is the May long weekend, but in fact it is April 25 – just eight weeks away! Now is the perfect time for starting tomatoes, peppers and brassicas, and over the next few weeks we will also start zucchini, melons, etc.

My children love seed starting. Last year they were most helpful and we made a day of it; yesterday was no different. They ever-so-carefully pinch a little seed between their thumb and forefinger, and drop it into the tiny hole punched in the seed tray. They delicately place the marker in the damp cube of soil so we know what will grow, and tenderly place the seed trays on the window table. It is wonderful to watch them take such care and use such concentration!

Lynden drew a picture for the seeds to keep them company and make them feel happy while they sit in their little soil pods and spring to life. He taped it to the window so the seedlings will see it when they come forth.

It is so pleasing to have trays of seedlings sitting in front of the window when there is nothing but seemingly endless snow on the other side of the glass. I can feel the springtime sun when I look at those trays… it won’t be long now! Our gardens this year will be the biggest we’ve had yet, and I am so very excited!

In other news, Miss Cluck has returned to the bathroom. It seems she wasn’t quite ready to go back outside.


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