Spring is in the Air

Wow, what a difference in energy levels we are all feeling around here! We’ve gone from being in hibernation mode to spending a good deal of time outdoors. There’s so much to do – collect maple sap, stomp around in melting snow, run around the yard with the chickens – it is like we have suddenly come ALIVE again! Spring is such a wondrous and marvelous season and I do so love this feeling of rejuvenation and renewal that comes with the melting of the snow.

Each day is keeping us so busy. The syruping is a task in itself, but we have also been starting more and more seeds for this year’s gardens and market stand, training the puppy, carding wool and spinning yarn, felting & crafting, and also just keeping up on all the daily farm chores. I felt like I was in a state of constant fatigue and laziness all winter, and now I’ve sprung into action. It’s nice to feel this energy flowing through me again.

Another sure sign of spring – I placed our order for day-old chicks a few days ago and we’re counting down the days until they arrive! The hens are starting to lay eggs again and scratching about in the yard. Spring also means that the goats will be kidding, but we still have a while to wait on that, as we’re not expecting any kids until May. And then we’ll be back in the milking groove and enjoying fresh, nourishing raw goat’s milk again!

Oh yes, spring is such a glorious time full of wonder. And this, our first spring on the farm, is about as wonderful as it gets!


2 thoughts on “Spring is in the Air

  1. We haven’t caught the Spring fever yet but it sounds lovely – though Lauren seems to have caught something that has her running a fever for the last 2 days hehe.

    On goats – my fil had 3 nannies expecting and it has been a really rough kidding season at their farm – the first momma’s kid died, the second momma gave birth to one kid and then that momma died before the second kid was born, luckily the first babe was saved and the first momma’s milk is being used to feed that orphaned kid. The third momma, thankfully, gave birth to two healthy kids. This is the first time my fil has lost a momma. He hasn’t been well and so he wasn’t able to spend the hours and hours sitting in the barn with his nanny in labour like he always has in the past. The orphaned buckling has been named Lucky – he’s lucky that he was found when he was because he was still inside the sack and probably would have died, too, had he not been found, freed and fed.

    My kids were so sad to hear of all the death news – they’ve been helping feed the goats while papa is sick – but they found some solace in the excitement that papa says they can name the two doelings – so we’ll meet them this weekend and they’ll decide what to call them.

  2. There is something so special and invigorating about the smell of Spring, the smell of the soil, of life waking up after a long slumber! We haven’t “caught the bug” as we’re adjusting to city life and not being able to safely hang out outside … I’m looking forward to catching Spring Fever!

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