Wild & Wacky Weather

This morning we awoke to rain, and lots of it.  Our front yard was flooded, our back yard was flooded, our driveway was flooded – and the rain kept coming!  We had been planning to boil down syrup over the fire with a group of our friends, but Mama Nature clearly had other plans for us today.

Jae and the kids made origami paper boats and pulled on their galoshes to sail them in the flooded yard.  The current swept those sweet little boats away to the ditch, where they picked up speed.  The kids were overjoyed by their fast-moving paper boats and went running along the side of the ditch in pursuit until the water got too deep and poured over the tops of their boots.  Of course, wet boots were cause for further glee, and my very soggy children tromped back to the house with their daddy, all of them laughing.

The rest of the day we spent indoors.  The kids played in a hot bath for a very long time, while Jae and I did some household chores.  I spun up some yarn, nursed the baby, and lounged around in my pj’s.  As the afternoon wore on, the rain kept pouring.  My brother came by for a visit.  We ate pancakes smothered in our homemade maple syrup (yum!) and played Chinese Checkers.  My brother read some books to the children.  It was a lovely, relaxed, laid-back afternoon.

As the wet afternoon gave way to a wet evening, the weather took a nasty turn and suddenly it was snowing – hard!!  The snow fell fast and furious and what was earlier a flooded yard is now a snow-covered yard.  Craziness!

I just love a day like today – no obligations, nowhere to go, nothing to get dressed for.  Every so often Mama Nature reminds us that we need to slow down a little, rest and rejuvenate, be lazy, have fun.  What better way to do so than in the company of my most precious people, my family.


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