Sustainable Diet Once-A-Day Challenge

Sustainability is important to our family, which is one reason we moved from the city to this wee little farm. We value being able to provide for ourselves as much as we can and continue to push forward toward our goals. Eggs taste so much richer when they’re fresh from the coop; tomatoes are so much tastier and jucier when they’re fresh from the garden; peaches are so much more exciting when you’ve canned them yourself and you’re cracking into a jar on a cold winter’s day.

In an effort to be further aware of my diet and my impact on the planet, I’ve taken up the “Sustainable Diet Once-a-Day Challenge” put forth by Windsor Guerrilla Gardening Collective. Basically, each day participants are challenged to eat one single thing that is local and sustainable – a much easier challenge to meet than making every dish as such.

I’m hoping that participating in this challenge will further raise my awareness about the food I’m eating and push me toward cooking up sustainable dishes for every meal. It is a lofty goal and one that I know I can’t reach tomorrow – but taking on this Once-a-Day challenge will get me heading in the right direction to be sure!

I welcome you, my dear readers, to participate in this challenge with me. Below I have included the details from the Windsor Guerrilla Gardening Collective, and each Friday I will post about the week’s meals. I’d love to hear from anyone who takes up the challenge, and hope that the Friday food posts become a discussion point & inspiration!

Happy eating!


Windsor Guerrilla Gardening Collective is challenging every environmentalist to adopt the “Sustainable Diet Once-A-Day Challenge”. The Once-A-Day challenge is eating food that was foraged, garden grown or directly purchased from a local farmer, but eating that sustainable food at least once a day, 365 days a year. This doesn’t mean 100% of your diet will come from sustainable sources, but at least one item you eat everyday will! This effort will amount to a HUGE difference in how your diet impacts the earth. Here are some ideas that may inspire you to meet the challenge:

– Harvest your own herbal teas, keep a big store in the freezer to have on hand throughout the year
– Grow dried beans. Dried beans have a long shelf life and are easy to grow, this noble plant will help you meet the challenge.
– Do more of your grocery shopping at farmers markets and road side stands
– Keep chickens. Bylaws be damned, these friendly birds will save you a lot of money and provide you with excellent food while eating a lot of insects and food scraps
– Learn how to can and preserve food. This will allow you to enjoy your harvest all year round, saving you from having to buy lots of out-of-season fruits and veggies from other hemispheres.
– Learn about wild edibles. Asparagus, raspberries, salad greens and nuts are waiting for you to gather for free.
– Learn to brew your own beer and alcohol. Homebrewing can be cheap and easy, and nothing impresses guests more than home-made beverages.
– Start a herb garden. Dry and store your homegrown herbs.
– Talk about your effort with friends and family! They can offer support as well as adopting your cause.

Its all too easy to fall into the rhythms of work and shopping, where we find ourselves symbolically supporting sustainability while materially supporting corporations and their culture of consumerism. The Once-A-Day challenge gives you a quantifiable goal that’s also realistic. Meet the challenge and know that you’ve done your part as Nature’s ally.

Here’s an example of how a person might meet the challenge for a week:

Monday: Tonight’s supper was made with beans and onions from last summer’s garden
Tuesday: Enjoying a beverage made from foraged dandelion roots
Wednesday: Breakfast is made with free range eggs purchased from a farmer’s roadside stand
Thursday: A light snack from the delicious canned peaches made by your Mother-in-Law from fruit purchased locally
Friday: Who knew that Turkish Filbert nut trees grow right downtown? The foraged nuts provide a good snack on the walk to work.
Saturday: Morning toast with a thick spread of honey made at a local farm
Sunday: That tomato sauce you jarred last year from the abundance of garden tomatoes sure made tonight’s pasta special!

We’d love to hear about your efforts in meeting the challenge! Keep us up to date at


2 thoughts on “Sustainable Diet Once-A-Day Challenge

  1. I look forward to the time when the first hardiest spring greens start poking out of the soil so we can start foraging season again! I would love to see a “map” of foraging spots (fruit and nut trees, for eg) around Windsor and the county. Would it be cheating that I already have a cupboard full of dried tea herbs? And a freezer full of tomato sauce made in the summer to handle a bumper crop? Looking forward to seeing how you work with this challenge!

  2. I love foraging and I too can’t wait to get out there to collect wild edibles!

    Dried tea herbs and frozen tomato sauce from last season – definitely NOT cheating! Those are perfect challenge foods!

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