Eating Sustainably – Week One

(I meant to update on the Sustainable Diet Once-a-Day Challenge yesterday, but the opportunity to sit down at the computer just didn’t present itself. Ah, such is life!)

I am really enjoying this Sustainable Diet Once-a-Day Challenge. It has caused me to stop and consider the ingredients of every meal I have prepared and eaten. Where did my produce come from? How far has it travelled? How long has it been off the plant? How much oil was burned to get it to my table? We eat mostly organic food, but that doesn’t equate sustainable, and although I’ve been highly aware of food issues for a good number of years, I’m now really examining the food on my plate in a way I haven’t before.

So, how have we fared this week? On Thursday morning, we ate delicious free-range organic eggs from our friend Lesley’s farm (our hens are not laying right now). Dinner that night was a delectable quiche made with more of Lesley’s eggs, and local organic mushrooms. On Friday morning, we sweetened our oatmeal with our own homemade maple syrup, fresh from the trees just days before. I found one lone egg in the coop, which went into this morning’s pancakes (which were also smothered with our homemade maple syrup).

While I’m pleased to be including these wonderful, sustainable items in our meals, this challenge has caused me to realise that my diet is not nearly as sustainable as I’d like it to be. The veggie seedlings growing by the window give me some comfort, but our family still has a long way to go.

I’m anxious to get the salad greens sown in the garden soon!

I’d love to hear how you’ve met the challenge so far! Leave a comment here on the blog and then hop over to Twitter where you can search #sustainablediet to see how folks are eating sustainably!


6 thoughts on “Eating Sustainably – Week One

  1. Oh yeah – I can read this so much better! Love th new template!

    When I think back over the week to our meals – I know we’ve eaten a ton of local stuff from eggs, to chickens, to ham, to carrots, onions, and blueberries…….but then I think about all the greens I currently have in my diet and how far they are travelling to get to my plate……hopefully soon I can be pulling them from the garden as well!

  2. I just got re-stocked on garlic from my parents farm … mmmmm … I love garlic! Before we moved I could get local Sweet Potatoes and Apples (un-organic though) and though they’re probably still considered local I don’t have a reason to go out of my way to get them. I can send you a list of some local producers if you’d like.

    • Ooooh garlic!! I’d love some of your parents’ garlic. We are running low 🙂 Do they have enough left to sell me some?

      I think it’s important to point out that local doesn’t necessarily mean sustainable. The fields surrounding our farm are local but totally unsustainable, dependent on oil and chemicals for yield. Organic isn’t necessarily sustainable either. When you combine local and organic, though, then you’re onto something 😉

  3. I will ask about the garlic.

    Just had some delicious Sunchokes in a soup I made tonight … I’d forgotten about those. Started a small patch with about 5 bulbs I got from Seeds of Diversity 2 years ago and they bloomed into such a huge area that they had to be moved! Great local and indigenous source of food.

  4. Linds – we get our local meat from Wagners (beef) and Our Farm Organics (pork and chicken). As well as Tremblay’s (chicken and possibly pork down the road).

    This challenge sure got me thinking and I’ve forwarded your message to everyone on my email list that I didn’t think you’d already have contacted. A few people responded that they’d take the challenge and I’ve replied to them with the link to your blog – so maybe you’ll hear from some new readers 🙂

    This week we enjoyed nachos with salsa made from our garden ingredients and canned for the winter; we had local blueberries on pancakes but no local syrup hehe. We’ve also eaten local honey, ground beef, chicken, ham, bacon and eggs this week. Some sustainable/organic and some just local.

    The freezer and canning cupboard have dwindled so quickly! It was my first attempt to store food myself and I can see I’ll need A LOT MORE if we’re going to last until the following year’s harvest.

    The awareness this challenge has offered sure is telling – soooo much of what we eat, whether it be fresh food or not – comes from far away. It sure does make me appreciate how fortunate we are to live in the area we do so that we can at least access fresh local food during the warmer season. I’d like to say I’m proud of all the local sustainable food we eat but instead I’m all the more aware of how unsustainable our diet is and how dependent we are on the global food economy to supplement our diet – tsk tsk – lot’s of work to do 😀

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