Monday Creature Feature: Molly

Meet Molly, our Border Collie pup. Isn’t she sweet? Molly is 12 weeks old now and has been with us for about a month. She is a smart little thing; she picked up “sit” within her first couple of days with us, followed quickly by “down” and now “off”, “leave it”, “stay” and “come”. She’s getting to be pretty darned good at loose-leash walking, too!

Molly came to us from a cattle farm out of working parents. My hope is that I’ll have a flock of woolly sheep some day, however small that flock may be, and that when that day comes Molly will be a fine sheep herding dog. But for now, she’s a sweet little family pet who is just so easy to love, who is wonderful with the kids, who lives for snuggles and pats on the head.

The children work at “training” Molly, making up all sorts of silly commands and finding silly ways to teach her how to do them. We borrowed a video from the library about kids training dogs, and now my own kids have all sorts of funny and wacky ideas about how their dog should be trained. They make “dog soup” for her by mixing water into her dog food, and dole out plenty of love to Molly throughout the day.

We do so adore our little Molly and are pretty happy to have her in our family!


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