Glorious Days!

Wow, we have been so blessed with amazing weather the past few days!  It lifts my heart and clears that lingering winter funk from the corners of my soul.

Thursday morning we went on a guided hike with some friends at Point Pelee National Park. It was the perfect way to start a perfect day.

So many signs of Spring around if one knows where to look!

We left Point Pelee earlier than we would have liked because poor Robin started throwing up and obviously didn’t feel too well.  Nevertheless, the rest of the day turned out to be pretty great.

A great day for sloshing through muck!  Lynden called out from the field, “Mama, I’m stuck in the mud, but it’s OK because I LOVE it!” (Behind him you see the home of our closest neighbour.)

A great day for splashing in the ditch (or the “pond”, as Raina calls it), which has gone from deep, gushing water to a mere gentle trickle.

A great day for communing with the goats!  Raina has gotten over her fear of the goats and now wants to spend lengthy periods of time talking to them and singing to them.  The lovely weather meant I could finally fix up the gate to keep Alice the escape artist contained in the goat yard.  See her there behind the fence?  That means she’s not head-butting her way into our house!

A great day for sitting up high in one’s favourite willow tree.  Raina loves this tree dearly and sits up there in that crook every chance she gets.  She sings to herself, talks to the wind, and leans back with her eyes closed in the sunshine.  Some days she has been known to sit up in that tree for over an hour with barely a peep, just watching the world around her.  Everyone should have a love affair with a special tree.

A great day for talking to chickens!  Lynden so loves his chickens and loves to tell them stories.  He will happily follow them around the place, picking them up and crooning to them.  Today he told them stories about his worm, “Journey”, who was gently cupped in the palm of his hand.

It was also a great day for thatching the roof of the chicken coop, fixing the odd spot along the goat fence, shovelling poop from the chicken coop, aerating garden beds, eating farm-fresh eggs, washing muck from hands and faces, and going to bed good and tired.

Oh, and guess what! Our female duck has finally started laying eggs!  They are huge and beautiful and delicious, nearly twice the size of our largest chicken eggs.  This lovely weather means our birds are giving us fresh eggs again, something we really missed all winter long.

Glorious spring!

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4 thoughts on “Glorious Days!

  1. What a cute post! My boys were enjoying the warmer weather yesterday too–they found a shovel, moved a large quantity of dirt from the garden beds in the back yard onto the patio, and played in it for at least an hour. I loved seeing their bare feet all dirty again!

    Like Raina, I too had a special tree when I was little–it was a gigantic birch tree in our front yard where we lived in London. I couldn’t sit in it, but I used to hug it and talk to it almost every day!

    Thank you so much for the offer of baby clothes. I would appreciate it! Maybe you and the kids can stop by for a visit after the baby is born? I’m probably not going to be going anywhere for a little while…I have a feeling the little one is going to show up sooner rather than later.

    • I can just picture little Laura hugging the tree 🙂 I had a special tree, too, a huge old maple in front of our house. My dad used to lift me up to sit on the lowest branch and I felt so free up there. The folks who bought the house from us cut the tree down.

      Of course we would love to stop by after your little one arrives! Take your time babymooning and loving on that sweet baby, and let us know when you are ready for visitors!

  2. I happened upon your blog via “tag surfer” and I love it! Congrats on the new rabbit additions to your family 🙂

    While I was scrolling through your blog, I saw some photos of Point Pelee! I actually recognized it before I even read the caption! I’ve spent many hours in that park and am originally from Southern Ontario. I live in Salt Lake City, Utah, now, but I miss Ontario every day.

    Look forward to future posts 🙂

    • Hi Linda, thanks for stopping by! I’m so glad you found this little old blog and even more glad that you are enjoying it!

      We sure do love Point Pelee. We spend a lot of time there 🙂 How unfortunate that you are in Utah and missing out on the joys of the Point and other Southern Ontario delights 😉 Hopefully you get to visit every now and again!

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