Colours of Spring

With the snow gone now, the world around us has gone from white to grey & brown.  It’s not very pretty out there this time of year!  These early days of Spring can be quite dreary looking.  So, you can imagine the sweet pleasure and delight I found in little bursts of colour over the past few days.

I can hang my laundry on the line again!  Glorious!  All the clothing waving gently in the wind like flags of hope, splashes of colour to brighten up the day.  Have I ever mentioned how much I love hanging my laundry on the line?

While I was hanging the laundry, I noticed these green spiked poking up through the brown.  What wonder and mystery!  I can’t wait to see what these spikes will turn out to be!


When I went into the front to check on the kids (who were playing on the porch), look what I found!  Brilliant purple and yellow, and BEES!  We marvelled over these sweet flowers for a good long time.  The kids knelt close to examine the bees, whose legs were thick with pollen.  They picked a flower and studied each petal, gently brushed their fingers over the pollen, and then decided to eat it. They say it didn’t taste so good…


I took a chance and planted my salad greens in one of the raised beds.  I know it’s a touch early, but I thought it just might work if I put glass panes over the bed.  The kids were delighted and excited; they loved scattering those tiny seeds in the rows I made.  We planted romain lettuce, buttercrunch lettuce, curly Scotch kale, red Russian kale, and spinach.  Now we wait and see!

Oh, I do love Spring and all Her wonders.  What a gift to watch the world wake up!


2 thoughts on “Colours of Spring

  1. Awww the feeling of spring is alive! I love the buzz that is around us, with little bursts of colour, birds chirping, laundry on the line…….! I’ve been catching up on your blog and it’s been a pure delight to read Lindsay 🙂

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