Eating Sustainably: Week Three

I have to keep reminding myself that this is the Sustainable Diet Once-A-Day challenge – not the sustainable diet at every meal challenge!  The farther I get into this challenge, the less I want to eat the unsustainable foods that line my shelves and refrigerator.  This can only be a good thing – I am thinking about food choices at every meal, about where the meal’s ingredients have come from, how far they have travelled, how much they were sprayed, and how much the people who grew them were paid.  And you know, it’s such a tangled web we weave.  In a perfect world, I wouldn’t have to worry about the impact my food choices are having on the planet, and the act of eating would be a plain and simple process of nourishing the body and soul.

I managed to add a bit more variety in terms of sustainable food choices this week, beyond eggs and maple syrup.  Saturday and Sunday I totally forgot to take note of what we ate, and can’t remember now for the life of me.  The rest of the week has been good, though!

Monday: We enjoyed some tea from dried herbs our friend Rashel gave us on the weekend.  Mmmmm!!

Tuesday: Our late morning snack of peanut butter on sprouted bread was sweetened with some local honey, and I put a dash of that same local honey in my afternoon tea.

Wednesday: Have I mentioned that our duck is finally laying eggs?  For lunch we had “eggs in the nest” – in which you cut a circle out of the centre of a slice of bread, lay the bread on the pan, crack the egg into the empty circle, fry and enjoy!  The centre piece that was removed from the slice of bread can be used for dipping into the hot yolk, which is our favourite part of the whole meal!  Nothing better than piping hot duck eggs.

Thursday: Our morning bowl of fermented oatmeal was sweetened with homemade maple syrup, and for dinner we enjoyed curried squash from last year’s garden harvest.  It sure is sweet to eat the bounty of the garden at this time of year when homegrown food is so scarce.

Friday: Heaping plates full of scrambled eggs fresh from the coop, at breakfast time.  The hens are laying multitudes of eggs!  Dozens per day!  I can hardly keep up with them, and had almost forgotten how much we love our farm fresh eggs while our hens were on their winter hiatus.  Good golly, do I ever appreciate those hens!

My fingers are crossed that those salad greens I planted a few days back will make an appearance.  It’s hard to say – it sure has been cold these last couple of days.  Time will tell!

How have you met the challenge this week?  I’d love to hear about your success – leave a comment or hop on over to Twitter where you can search #sustainablediet to see how others are faring!


3 thoughts on “Eating Sustainably: Week Three

  1. Sadly we finished our last jar of salsa this week – canned from our garden last season – next year we hope to can twice as many jars to get us through until the following year’s harvest.
    We enjoyed your quinoa bake recipe with local frozen blueberries and strawberries and local honey. I’ve been putting locally foraged rosehips in my tea.
    We ate egg salad made with local eggs and tacos with local beef.
    Not a bad week but it is getting harder – come on spring, come on garden, come on local seasonal food!

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