Eating Sustainably: Week Four

We’ve gone through four weeks of the Sustainable Diet Once-a-Day Challenge already! Gosh the time flies!

I’d be lying if I said I kept track of what we ate this week. It has been a busy week around here and we’ve hardly been home. My attention to our diet has been minimal, but I did make sure we had a sustainable food choice in there each day. The question is, can I remember what we’ve eaten?

Of course there has been plenty of egg-eating going on around here. The kids want to eat them as fast as those hens can lay them, which amounts to lots of cooking on my part. We’ve also enjoyed lots of homemade maple syrup and Jae made tea from foraged plants. I was fortunate to find huge bulbs of local organic garlic the other day, and stocked up on some of that (how INSANE is it that grocery store garlic is from China!?!?). We cracked open another jar of the peaches I canned last fall (from an orchard down the road) and enjoyed some yummy home-sprouted sprouts from both my brother and my friend Rashel.

I’m still collecting recipes that I’ll be able to make entirely with homegrown ingredients. Stay tuned for a new recipe coming soon!

How have you fared with the Sustainable Diet Once-a-Day Challenge this week? Leave a comment and then hop on over to Twitter where you can search #sustainablediet to see how others are making out.


3 thoughts on “Eating Sustainably: Week Four

  1. Thanks for reminding me I’ve been meaning to make another batch of sprouts!

    That garlic from China kind of freaks me out too. It looks so perfect and white–I suspect it has been bleached in some way but I really don’t know. It doesn’t taste very good, either. One time they actually had organic Ontario garlic at Zehrs–it was so huge and juicy and crispy, by far the yummiest garlic I’ve ever had! I really need to try growing my own!

    • I really need to start doing my own sprouts too.

      The local garlic I got the other day puts that Chinese garlic to shame. It is enormous in comparison and the taste is incredible – I’ll never be able to eat grocery store garlic again!

  2. We’ve eaten the same ole local stuff this week so rather than retype it all I’ll just say that our first jar of processed store bought salsa was bleck – this was our fav salsa before making our own – but darn it, nothing compares to stuff made from the garden lol.

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