These Grey April Days

We have been thoroughly enjoying these grey April days.  Although it’s been dark and dreary-looking out there, the weather’s been somewhat warm and the kids have spent plenty of time outdoors.  Having them outside with me means that I’ve been able to get caught up on all the more time-consuming farm chores, and the kids have delighted in lending a helping hand. 

Raina’s legs are finally long enough for her trike, and so she’s been riding all around the barnyard.

Lynden is our self-proclaimed Egg Finder.  Many times over the past few days he has hollered, “Look Mama!  Another egg!!”

It’s so awesome to have the kids helping out around the place.  Lynden decided he wanted to clean the chicken coop, and spent a good hour shovelling the poop out.  He did a fantastic job, too!   Very thorough. 

The kids were great company for me while I cleaned out the goat stalls.  They talked to the goats, climbed all over the barn, and had a blast playing in the fresh straw – I’ve never seen baby Robin so happy for such a long stretch of time in his short life as he was the other day in the barn!

Yes, we sure are loving the warmer weather that comes in Spring, but I must admit that I’m really looking forward to the end of the mud and plenty of GREEN everywhere!


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