Eating Sustainably: Week Five

Well, dear readers, this past week was a bit redundant in the sustainable food choice department. Most days our sustainable foods were… are you ready for it?.. farm fresh eggs and homemade maple syrup.

Sunday: Our only day with any real variety, we enjoyed a delicious squash soup made with acorn squash from last year’s garden. Incidentally, that squash was grown from seed we saved from the previous year’s garden.

Monday: The kids enjoyed one of their favourite meals, “egg in the nest” made with duck eggs.

Tuesday: Our friend Emili prepared some delicious hardboiled eggs for us from her backyard flock. She keeps Chanteclers, an endangered heritage breed of chicken. At Emili’s house we also enjoyed tea with a drop of local honey, made just down the road.

Wednesday: Breakfast consisted of oatmeal sweetened with our homemade maple syrup. (We ferment our oats by soaking a minimum of eight hours with water and a bit of kefir. Grains, nuts and seeds should be soaked to neutrlise phytic acid.)

Thursday: Scrambled eggs for breakfast. One would think that we’d be getting sick of eggs, but one would be wrong. We longed for eggs all winter and so appreciate having them now.

Friday: Can you guess what we had for breakfast? Cluck, cluck!

Yep, we are hurting for some fresh produce from the garden. I really wish we had more sustainble foods in our diets right now (our other meals are much more diverse than eggs and syrup, rest assured, but sadly unsustainable). There are some exciting options for next week, though! My dear friend Monique came for a visit and brought some dried herbs from her garden last year for us to enjoy. Stay tuned to see what we make with them!

How have you met the challenge this week? Leave a comment and then head on over to Twitter where you can follow the #sustainablediet trend.


2 thoughts on “Eating Sustainably: Week Five

  1. Did you know… local, naturally raised meat is now available full time through the Butcher of Kingsville. Hope this helps bring a little variety to your plates 🙂

    • It is so great to have something like this available! Thanks for the heads-up, Izabela. Our family is vegetarian, but I know many folks who will appreciate having a good local butcher.

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