Waiting for the Sun

We’ve been without internet for a little while, but there’s not been much to write about anyway. The days have been dreadfully dreary, grey, rainy and cold, endlessly. I wish for sun and warmth as I do my farm chores each morning. The gardens need planting, but the ground is absolutely saturated and the rain keeps coming. I shiver my way through egg collection and animal feeding.

Thank goodness for the warmth of the barn and my milking goat, Caprice (from the Latin for goat, “capra”). She keeps me toasty while I milk her, even when the wind is whipping outside and the puddles are growing. It is cozy, sitting next to the milking stand, talking to Caprice as I fill my bucket. It makes this soul-sucking weather bearable, and I look forward to milking time each morning.

I’m hopelessly impatient for lovely spring weather, and so anxious to get some plants in the ground! Come on, sunny sun, we’re waiting for you!!


5 thoughts on “Waiting for the Sun

  1. No kidding – it is so hard to get motivated when each day is so dreary! Our skies have been grey and murky white with only glimpses of blue and the sun here and there. Heck it SNOWED this week. 4 years ago (this time of year) I was attending a friend’s son’s second bday party – it was held outside and it was nearly 80 degrees…

    • Yeah, this weather sucks. When Robin was born last year, it was a beautiful sunny day and I was sweating as I snuggled my newborn. It was also warm t-shirt weather for Raina’s first bday party and a hot, sunny day when she was born. What’s up with this cold, grey, crappy weather!?

  2. This weather is bringing me down too. I’m trying very very hard not to let it get to me but I’m afraid it’s not working.

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