So Much Rain!

We have had more than our fair share of rain around here. For days it has rained, and in the middle of it all our basement sump pump went kaput. Our washing machine empties into the sump pump, so we couldn’t do any laundry, and with all the rain coming down our basement just filled right up with water. Every box of photos stored in the basement, ruined. Boxes of books, art work, business files, journals – all ruined. Soaked. Saturated.

The rain continued heavy through last night, and this morning I discovered that not only was our basement flooded, but also the barnyard, the driveway, and the ditch. So many sticks and twigs and leaves had piled up in the ditch that a dam had been created. My mama came over to help and spent a good two hours pulling blockages out of the ditch. Boy, did the water ever flow! Without the dams, the water gushed like rapids.

The good news is that we replaced the sump pump and all of the water has been pumped out of the basement. The barnyard is still saturated, and the animals are all mucky, but the sun is out today and I have hopes that things will dry up fast.

Spring sure does bring plenty of adventures! Never a dull day around here!


One thought on “So Much Rain!

  1. Crazy how much rain fell the other night! So sad to hear about the ruined papers in storage – we’ve lost things to water damage before and it is heartbreaking 😦
    But an empty basement and fixed pump means you can do laundry again – phew 🙂

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