Wonder & Awe

Our incubated chicken eggs are nearing the end of week two – only about eight more days to go until hatching time! As time passes, I’ve been eliminating the odd egg here and there, ones that were infertile or didn’t develop properly. Out of the 18 eggs that I started with, 15 remain – not bad, I suppose. Two of those are questionable and only time will tell.

Yesterday I was candling the eggs to check for life, when one of the pale-shelled eggs gave me the greatest joy. Because the shell was so pale, almost white, I could see so much more than the darker-shelled eggs have allowed. First I saw the silhouette of the chick’s head and tiny little beak, and then the chick started moving around inside that shell! Two tiny little feet came clear into view, then the head again, then the feet. The chick was doing some serious tumbling. I was so amazed that I nearly cried – I never have experienced anything quite like this, nor did I expect to! It was simply incredible to lay witness to this little life developing in the safety of the shell. What a blessing to be part of this great circle of life!

I didn’t get such a treat with subsequent eggs, but did see plenty of veins and silhouettes that signalled viable and developing babes.

I was so unsure when I started this project. I’ve never incubated eggs before, and though I read plenty beforehand, I felt like I had no idea what I was doing. I was afraid I’d kill all of the eggs, or that none of them would develop. But oh, what worry for nothing! I suppose it’s not rocket science – just add heat and humidity, and let Mama Nature take care of the rest. Those little eggs came out knowing what to do.

So now we wait. Eight days left, and counting. The suspense reminds me of the final days of pregnancy, just waiting on that new little life to emerge. I’m filled with wonder at it all. This gift of life is so amazing.


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