Two Kids on the Couch

We have this sweet Alpine milking goat named Caprice, who birthed triplets about a month ago. Of those triplets, one died, one seemed dead on arrival, and one thrived. The one who seemed dead came around, but Caprice wouldn’t have anything to do with her. Caprice attached herself to the healthy, thriving kid and rejected the other.

For a time, we’d hold Caprice so her second kid could nurse. Caprice would kick and thrash about, until it became too much of a struggle. We gave up on mama ever accepting her baby, and now little Daisy is bottle-fed.

Lynden has taken on the role of surrogate goat mama for sweet Daisy. He brings her into the house for her bottle, holds her close, snuggles her, sings to her. He plays with Daisy in his bedroom, making forts and hiding away with her. Daisy follows Lynden everywhere and cries for him when she’s out in the goat yard.

How lucky for Daisy to have a friend like Lynden in this world, and how lucky for Lynden to have the love of this sweet little kid. They make a great pair, and I’m positive that all this handling and loving will make Daisy a superb milking goat when she grows up!


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