A Miracle of Life


7 thoughts on “A Miracle of Life

  1. Awesome – we all enjoyed watching this new life emerge!!

    Thanks for sharing – the kids say more chick videos please lol.

  2. Hello Lindsay!
    I hopped over here to say hello and thank you for the sweet comments you left on my blog… My husband just watched this video over my shoulder and was glad to see it as he missed all the hatching here. How many of your chicks successfully made it out?
    I am sincerely enjoying looking through your inspiring blog. What an amazing life you are creating!
    Looking forward to following your family along your journey.

    • Hi Amanda! So glad you stopped by my little old blog 🙂

      We started with 18 eggs. Fifteen of those were fertile, and of those, ten successfully hatched out. I had some issues regulating temp and humidity in the second week and worried about the effect it would have. Now I’ve resolved those issues and have everything steady, and I’m about to start another batch of eggs.

      How many chicks did you hatch?

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