May just kind of sneaked in on us, dreary and grey, and with it comes a burst of new life.

Yesterday, our incubated eggs started hatching! I’m still surprised and awed. This was the first time I hatched out eggs, and I made the incubator myself. Basically, I had no idea what I was doing, and no idea if the eggs would hatch or not.

The amazing thing is, Mother Nature takes care of it all. Beyond turning the eggs three times a day and keeping a steady temp & humidity, I had absolutely nothing to do with this miracle of life. The eggs came out of the hen knowing what to do – wait quietly for a bit of warmth, then develop a chick. The chicks grew in the eggs knowing what to do – twist and turn, grow, and when it gets too crowded, break free! And then, the chicks emerged knowing what to do – rest a bit, dry off, eat, drink, and snuggle in with the other chicks.

Seeing this whole process brings such amazement. It is so entirely perfect, miraculous, complete. Nature’s design is flawless, everything just as it should be, and WOW is it incredible!!

I feel sad to think how much is lost, and how much we miss, with all of our meddling and tampering. We believe we are above Nature, that we can create something better with our technology, but the truth is that we have no clue. We destroy so much of this amazing world around us, getting ever farther from our source, our truth. We put walls between ourselves and the Earth, between ourselves and other people, between our selves and other creatures of this planet. How arrogant and bull-headed is humanity!

But these chicks, they give me hope. I see in front of me the perfection of Nature’s design, and I hope She can hang on as we humans bumble, stumble and fall. I hope She can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and that in Her perfection She will heal.

Life is such a miracle!


One thought on “Cheep!

  1. What a lovely post and message 🙂
    To see such beauty in the simplicity of hatching chicks!

    I couldn’t agree more about humanity – it is a curious perplexing reality and you have to wonder how we’ve strayed so far from what really matters….

    Thanks for this lovely post and please post pics of your wee baby chicks soon!!

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