Days Like This

We have had a LOT of rain here this spring. I can count three – 3!!! – decent, sunny days over the past three weeks. The rest of the days have been overcast, grey, rainy and cold. The ground is absolutely saturated, with some areas of lying water on top, and this means that I am now about two weeks behind schedule in my garden.

Now, normally I enjoy a rainy day. I like the break a rainy day gives, the chance to kick back and have a lazy day & read lots of books with the kids. But week after week of rainy days? Come on! I’m starting to feel pretty down, truth be told. I miss the sun and I’m getting anxious about the gardens. Additionally, my sweet baby is cutting four molars at the moment, which means that I’ve now had six consecutive nights of less than five hours of sleep. I’m cranky!

On days like these, I just have to remind myself – “This, too, shall pass.”


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