Soiled Kids

As I’ve been out working in the garden this Spring, a wonderful thing has happened – Lynden has been begging me to help him start his very own garden.  A garden where he can plant all the foods he likes to eat, and take care of his plants, and pull his own weeds.  A garden for his “pet” worms (who are all named “Journey”, each and every one).  A piece of Earth that is just for him to take care of.

I’m totally thrilled that my four-year-old wants his own vegetable garden.  There are plenty of fabulous ideas in this beautiful book we’ve got kicking around: Roots, Shoots, Buckets and Boots.  And there’s this great KinderGARDENS series going, too!  So over the next few days, my boy and I will sit down together with some paper and some books and some coloured pencils, and I will help him design his very own garden, just the way he wants it.  I’m excited to see what he comes up with!

I’d love to hear how your children are getting their hands dirty this season!


14 thoughts on “Soiled Kids

  1. We’ve done so little in the garden this year so far but our seedlings are looking good and the darlings helped plant them and each day they look to see if any new shoots have appeared.
    Usually we’ve designated the small patch at the end of our garden as the kids’ patch (started as keeping them from trampling our tomatoes and such) and similar to Lynden it has been where any newly found worms get relocated to. Chives come back there each year and are a big part of the outdoor mudpie baking. And they’ve planted sunflowers, annuals and cucumber there in the past. At the end of last year Dad announced that they were so helpful that all of the garden could be theirs to help plan and care for – instead of just the little patch.
    Last year I got them involved with our BIG garden in the style of Anastasia – we danced around the freshly dug soil in our bare feet singing songs of gratitude and praise for the earth that was sure to help grow us good food. And part of the ritual of planting seedlings involved putting each seed into our mouths to infuse it with our energy essence, I guess. It is a great way to get them invested in our food production and this year I hope to get them more involved with preserving our harvest 🙂

    • I love the image I have in my mind of you and your littles dancing barefoot in the soil! So beautiful! I can’t wait to hear more about your gardens as the season progresses 🙂

  2. We have put the seeds in our mouths, too, inspired by Anastasia, too, and of course, always go barefoot and love our plants!

    The 4yo wakes up almost every morning telling me about dreams of planting or harvesting flowers, melons and strawberries. And I’m looking for a well-made and sturdy small wheelbarrow so helping is easier and more fun for the littles, as well as getting them some small sized tools and buckets for playing near the gardens.

    They aren’t planning their own garden but we’re growing so much and such a great variety that there will be lots for them to eat and we’re growing all their favourites.

    One thing they love to do is go around the farm harvesting edible greens for our mixes and our smoothies so the love is spread all across the land!

  3. Excited to see your garden through the KinderGarden project. We had so much fun last year! And I’m going to check my library for Roots, Shoots…

  4. How exciting that he wants he own garden! And I love that the worms are Journey. It will be exciting to watch how his garden grows.

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