A Full & Busy Weekend

Wow! The sun came out this weekend, and I finally got some outdoor work done around here.  It felt fantastic!  I haven’t accomplished this much in the course of two days in quite a long while, being so house-bound all winter and then getting stuck with weeks of rain:

– Four new 4’x8′ garden beds built and ready to be planted
– Switched the goats over to fresh pasture and re-seeded the side they came off of
– Got half my mountain of laundry washed and hung on the line (I refuse to use the dryer anymore and don’t have an indoor drying area set up yet, so with all the rain I didn’t get any laundry done)
– Visited my friend Linda from Spinning a Yarn to pick up a fleece to process & spin
– Did some spinning of alpaca fibre
– Started knitting produce bags for the market
– Moved my yucky old couch out of the house in order to make the back room a space for plant growing, chick brooding, and laundry hanging
– Gave Jae a hand in building the dogs a new house

Prior to this weekend I was feeling as though I was ineffective and not getting much done.  Robin’s been cutting four molars at once, and is a mess of snot and tears and drool – I’ve had days of doing not much but sitting on the couch with him, nursing and comforting.  Then there was the rain that kept me out of the gardens, children taking their turns being sick, students participating in local competition, and recovering from my torn pec muscle.  I like a few days of down time, but I was starting to feel like I really needed to accomplish something! I’m glad the sun came out and there were no obligations for the weekend, so I could get on top of my work pile.

And work pile aside, we had a beautiful weekend.  On Saturday evening my family’s band held a house concert (we play folk, Celtic and roots music – though I didn’t play with the fam this weekend).  My mother and father’s home was filled with friends, neighbours and family, all come to enjoy the music and have a grand time.  And a grand time it was!  I loved having so many wonderful people come together to share smiles and songs.  It lifted my heart and brought a smile to my face.

Mother’s Day was lovely, too.  I spent some time with my ma and my grandma and my Aunt (who came to visit from out of town), and was treated to a restaurant dinner by Jae and the children.  The sun warmed my skin and my family warmed my soul.  All day I felt so blessed to be a mama, and so in love with my sweet little ones.  Whatever did I do with my life before them?  They bring so much purpose and reason and direction for me, so much love.  Motherhood is amazing.


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