Dirt Under My Fingernails

Another gloriously sunny day means that I’ve spent my morning in the garden. I’m trying out Square-Foot Gardening this year, and got 21 squares planted in the course of an hour. That amounts to seven tomato plants, carrots, broccoli, parsnips, brussels sprouts, lavender, marigolds, arugula, lettuce, spinach, beets and kohl rabi – all in one 3.5’x6.5′ bed! This in addition to the garlic chives that came up from last year.

There are many awesome aspects to Square-Foot Gardening. I love that each square is a micro-garden and that each bed is very diversely planted, which means that each bed can hold much more than standard row planting will allow. It also amounts to less weeding, less work, and more food – my kind of garden!

I also spent some time thinning out the salad bed, and the kids and I have been enjoying a morning snack of baby spinach and baby kale. So good!

Now I’m off to make more progress on my mountain of laundry. It’s another beautiful day for hanging clothes on the line! I wish you all a day filled with love, laughter and sunshine!


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