A Mama’s Love

I woke up early this morning to check on the new goat kids.  I was worried.  I didn’t know what to expect – would the kids be alive?  Would Alice have taken to them?  Would I be able to stay calm if I had to dispose of two tiny goat bodies?

My worry was for nothing.  When I entered the barn, I found Caprice’s twin kids (2.5 months old) curled up in Alice’s stall with the new kids.  They were a bundle of warm, furry sweetness half-buried in the straw.  Both of the new kids were breathing steadily as they slept, and Alice seemed fairly comfortable and relaxed.  I watched them sleep for a few minutes, then went about refilling Alice’s food and water buckets.  As she ate, her kids awoke and made their way over to their mama.  Clumsily, cautiously, the kids began to nurse.  I almost cried with relief!

Now, at the end of their first full day, Alice’s kids are trotting around the goat yard and exploring.  They are perky and inquisitive and so incredibly cute!  The human kids can’t get enough of them.

If only our goat yard wasn’t a mud pit after so many endless days of rain!  Those goat kids stumbled into a still-wet mucky spot  in the middle of the yard and got themselves so dirty.

Look at those tiny little curious fuzz balls!! I’m so thankful that all is well!


3 thoughts on “A Mama’s Love

  1. Oh my goodness they are ADORABLE! How lovely to find them cuddled up with the older kids and then begin to nurse after such a long night of worrying, I’m sure! A beautiful little goat family 🙂

  2. I was thinking about your newest kids last night and that new momma – thinking dang if she would just let them nurse she’d see what a relief it would be to her to have them get out that heavy load of milk!

    GOOD FOR ALICE!! And what a relief for you!

    I’m sure this is all extra special being your first birthed kids. Let us know when you’ve picked some names 🙂

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