Weekend Snapshots

What a gloriously sunny long weekend we had!  Jae and I worked hard and got all of our existing garden beds planted and fenced in, a big relief for sure.  Every evening we got some rain, enough that we didn’t need to water after planting.  Life around here has been really good!

It was warm enough to get the kids’ wading pool out of the garage and fill ‘er up.  Three days in a row, my children were like fish, splishin’ and splashin’ with pruny fingers and toes.

Daisy spent plenty of time leaping and running around in the sun, and plenty of time lazing about in the shade.  She seems to be thoroughly enjoying this warm, sunny weather.

We sold some of our laying flock, including Doug the rooster. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but I really do miss the chickens we sold (especially Doug!).  All of our “originals”, the ones we hand-raised last Spring for the first time, have remained.  Here’s Little Red, all grown up.  She enjoys the warm weather, too!

This year’s first batch of chicks are already fully feathered!  Wow, time flies!  These teeny-boppers were put outside for the first time on the weekend, and suffered not a single attack by the older hens.  A peaceful transition to life outdoors.  In a couple of weeks, the chicks we hatched in our incubator will be ready to go out, too, and our next batch of eggs should be hatching.

Yes, the long weekend sure was pretty great.  I hope you all enjoyed yourselves too!


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