Getting Seedy

My dear boy has been waiting patiently to get started on his very own garden, but alas, we have been rained out again and again.  Every spare sunny day has had Mama and Daddy working in the veggie gardens, in a mad dash to get things planted before the rain settles back in on us.  So, while Lynden has decided exactly what he’d like to grow in his garden – sunflowers, beans, cucumbers, carrots – and where he’d like his garden to be, Mother Nature doesn’t seem to want to make it possible for him to get out there and plant.  (Who knew we could get this much rain!?)

In an effort to satisfy Lynden’s desire to get gardening, I purchased this nifty little book, “Good Growing – A Kid’s Guide to Green Gardening“.  It comes with two packets of seeds and two little trays for sprouting – instant gratification! A perfect project to start on tomorrow morning.  Lynden loves sprouts (heck, we all do!) and his interest in growing his own sprouts has been piqued by the bright, fun photos contained within the book.  I hope this little side project will be enough to satisfy him until the ground dries up enough to get his garden going!


12 thoughts on “Getting Seedy

  1. I just came in from planting potatoes in my raincoat and muck boots so I feel your pain! I’m so glad you could join us and can’t wait to see your garden.

    Love the fact you’re transitioning to the country, there is no better place to raise kiddos (in my opinion!)

    Where are you located at?

    BTW, love all the things you knit! Kim

  2. that looks like a fun book! we are going to try growing sprouts this year, too.

    the weather has been crazy for most of us, i think…hope you dry out soon! 🙂

  3. What seeds came with the book? If you need a few more sprouting seeds to satisfy a child’s desire to grow let me know, I’ve got lots of clover and alfalfa!

  4. Neat book and you have a beautiful blog! My kids were fascinated with sprouting beans this year (and I confess I was too!) How that one little bean shoots a root out so long is truly amazing. Good luck planting! Michele

  5. I got them in Guelph (isn’t that always my answer, ha!). There are all sorts of beans you can sprout, too, so much fun! Radishes are satisfying and I love their heart-shaped sprouts 🙂

  6. Oh, man. You are so not the only one with abundant (that sounds like a better adjective, right?) rain. That book/seeds sound perfect until you can get him into his garden outside. Indoor gardening is perfectly acceptable too!

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